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Revise some text strings

Daniel Brötzmann requested to merge wurstsalat/gajim:string-revision into master

This is an attempt of revising some text strings to achieve better consistency (fixes #9548 (closed)).

Modifications done so far:

  • Replace autojoin by Join Automatically
  • Replace Disconnect in group chat menu and roster by Leave
  • Address contacts without using he/she/other
  • Rewording of
  • Rewording for settings in
  • Replace Audio/Video Session by Voice/Video chat
  • Replace Cert by Certificate
  • Replace HTTP Upload by HTTP File Upload to use the correct term (which may be hidden anyways in later versions, this is too technical)
  • Replace Nick by Nickname
  • Replace MUC, Conference and Room by Group chat (see
  • Replace Groupchat by Group chat (see
  • Replace Occupant by Participant (see
  • Replace Roster by Contact list (see
  • Replace Jabber-ID, JabberID and JID by XMPP Address (see
  • Replace Jabber by XMPP
  • Replace GTK+ by GTK (rationale).
Edited by Daniel Brötzmann

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