Commit f6a0fe47 authored by jimpp's avatar jimpp
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Don't store avatar sha until we really have avatar. Fixes #2956.

parent 32ca86db
Gajim 0.11.1 (XX February 2007)
* Fixed avatars cache problems in group chats
Gajim 0.11 (19 December 2006)
* New build system, using GNU autotools. See README.html
* Support for link-local messaging via Zeroconf using Avahi (XEP-0174)
......@@ -1685,7 +1685,6 @@ class ConnectionHandlers(ConnectionVcard, ConnectionBytestream, ConnectionDisco,
if cached_sha != self.vcard_shas[who]:
# avatar has been updated
self.vcard_shas[who] = avatar_sha
self.dispatch('GC_NOTIFY', (jid_stripped, show, status, resource,
prs.getRole(), prs.getAffiliation(), prs.getJid(),
prs.getReason(), prs.getActor(), prs.getStatusCode(),
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