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update Changelog to match .10 as we slowly approach it

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Gajim 0.10 (XX May 2006)
* One Messages Window ability (default to it)
* Non blocking socket connections. Gajim no longer remains unresponsive.
* File Transfer improvements
* Meta Contacts (contact parent-child relationships) ability
* Support for legacy composing event (JEP-0022). Now 'Contact is composing a message' will always work
* Gajim now uses less memory
* Roster Management Improvements (f.e. editablity of transport names)
* History (chat logs) Manager (search globally, delete, etc)
* Administrator using Gajim can modify room ban list
* Animated Emoticons ability
* Support for GTalk email notifications for GMail
* Gajim no longer optionally depends on pydns or dnspython. Requires dnsutils
* New art included, appropriate sizes of icons used where available
* Gajim now defaults to theme that uses GTK colors.
* Translations under Windows now work okay
* Tons of fixes for bugs and annoyances:
Gajim 0.9.1 (27 December 2005)
* Fix bug when joining a Groupchat
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