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Changeleog for 0.13

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Gajim 0.13 (XX November 2009)
* Improve gtkspell (fix memleak)
* BOSH connection
* Roster versioning
* Ability to send contacts
* GUI to send XHTML messages
* Improve sessions handling
* pubsub storage (for bookmarks)
* Ability to select account when joining a groupchat
* Better Gnome keyring support
* Ability to ignore occupants in groupchats
* Ability to show / hide self contact row
* Automatically go away when screensaver is enabled under windows
* Ability to enable / disable accounts
* better URL recognition
* groupchat autoreconnect
* Store passwords in KDE wallet is available
* Better MUC errors handling
* Fix sound player launch (don't create zombies anymore)
* Optional shell like completion
* New color theme
Gajim 0.12.5 (08 August 2009)
* Don't depend on GTK 2.14
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