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changelog for 0.8

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Gajim 0.8 (18 Aug 2005)
* Tabbed chat windows
* Group chat support (with MUC protocol)
* Emoticons, Avatars, File transfer, URL grabber, Bookmarks
* Systray icon, Speller
* TLS and GPG support (with SSL legacy support)
* Transport Registration support
* Service Discovery including Nodes
* Wikipedia, dictionary and search engine lookup
* Multiple accounts support
* DBus Capabilities. Read more information
* XML Console
* Gajim is available in 11 languages: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Portugese, Greek, Bulgarian, Czech and Norwegian
Gajim 0.7.1 (5 Jun 2005)
* Transports icon as an option and error/mesage icon for transports
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