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Pre-Changelog of 0.12

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Gajim 0.XX.X (svn)
Gajim 0.12-alpha1 (XX augustus 2008)
* Modified the format of emoticons list file, so we can choose the default code (#3696)
* Support for End-To-End encryption (XEP-0116)
* Improve GPG support (#2390, #2783)
* Ability to disable message previews in notify popups
* Support for sending files over groupchats
* List of bookmarked rooms is now sorted alphabetically
* Support for transforming a one-to-one chat into a groupchat
* Send invitation by drag-and-dropping a contact from roster
* Send messages to conference using gajim-remote
* Ability to destroy a room when we are owner, give a reason and alternative room jid
* Ability to minimize groupchats in roster
* Files transferts by drang and dropping
* Ability to select statuses and to click url's in chat windows (using libsexy)
* Ability to set a custom avatar for a contact
* Better handling of resource collisions
* Option to Sign On as a Certain Status (#3314)
* Block/Unblock contact directly from roster using privacy lists
* Single window mode
* Close change status windows after 15 seconds of inactivity
* Simplified "Accounts" dialog
* Preferences window redesign
* New GUI for chat dialog
* Support of PEP (Personal Eventing Protocol) (XEP-0163)
* Support for Google Talk accounts with non domain (+ GMail notifications)
* Modified the format of emoticons list file, so we can choose the default code (#3696)
* Support for Remote Controlling Clients (XEP-0146): Leave groupchats, change status, forward unread messages
* Support for User Search (XEP-0055)
* Support for jabber:x:data in message elements (Part of XEP-OO04)
* Added a «supported features» window
* Latex support (#2796)
* Link-local messaging with Windows (#2883)
* Ability to send a custom status to a group, a contact or a transport
Gajim 0.11.4 (06 December 2007)
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