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Gajim 0.11.1 (XX February 2007)
Gajim 0.11.1 (18 February 2007)
* Fixes in gajim-remote and the way XMPP URI are handled
* Fix Idle under Windows
* Fix Gajim under non-ascii languages Windows
* Fix International Domain Name usage
* Fix when removing active privacy list
* Fix problem with adhoc command and multi-step forms
* Fixed avatars cache problems in group chats
* KDE integration for XMPP URI
* Support of Banshee Music player
* Support of XEP-0202 (Entity Time)
* Support of XEP-0199 (XMPP Ping)
Gajim 0.11 (19 December 2006)
* New build system, using GNU autotools. See README.html
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