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feat: Use participants' names for private MUC name instead of JID localpart

Nicoco requested to merge nicoco/gajim:unnamed-chats into master

Implements: #11628

I believe this is an improvement over the current state, but:

  • We use the participant lists but I think we should really use the member list. But since there is no automatic fetching of the member list, I don't feel confident enough to implement it.
  • I'm not sure what to do in case we only have ourselves in the MUC, so I kept the JID localpart in this case.
  • We use MUC nicknames for the MUC name, but maybe if the participants are in our roster, maybe we should be consistent and make sure that the name we use for them in 1:1 is the same used there? Maybe I'm overthinking this.
  • Maybe we should set up a limit, eg, "Alice, Bob, Chad and 87 others"

@lovetox in this issue you commented:

The participant title should be stored in cache.db -> MUC table, otherwise we will not be able to show it when Gajim is started.

But I'm not sure why? I think falling back to JID local part until we get the participant list is fine?

Let me know what you think!

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