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Jingle AV: Rework GUI, fix Video stream

Daniel Brötzmann requested to merge wurstsalat/gajim:av-fixes into master

This MR contains several changes for Jingle AV:

  • GUI rework: toggle buttons for Audio Call/Video Call have been unified to 'Start Call…', which opens a sidebar with two choices ('With Microphone'/'Microphone & Camera')
  • Jingle module: add a method for starting a session with both audio and video
  • Fixed session-terminate: GUI responds accordingly and closes the sidebar
  • GUI offers to stop/start a video session without interfering with an established audio session (meaning: Webcam on/off)
  • Call notifications: remove VoIPCallReceivedDialog, use ChatControl message bar with 'Accept'/'Reject' buttons
  • Video codecs: narrow down codec selection to VP8/H264

image image

Test cases:

  • Gajim <> Gajim: audio works, video works (codecs probably need some tweaking)
  • Gajim <> aTalk: audio works, video works partially

Since Gajim does not support DTLS-SRTP at the moment, Gajim <> Conversations does not work yet.

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