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Rework preferences window

Daniel Brötzmann requested to merge wurstsalat/gajim:rework-preferences into master

This is a rework of the Preferences window

Glade-defined settings were replaced by list box settings. This makes maintenance easier.


What needs to be resolved

General notes

  • Section headers are needed to separate different settings
  • Comboboxes have relief, but should be flat (white background)
  • Mnemonics in labels to activate settings? > can be added later

General page

  • 'Merge Accounts' needs to be added (moved from accounts window)
  • PEP display settings are not implemented yet (Location, Tune, Activity, Mood); separate switch for each of these settings? > separate settings for now

Chat page

  • Display chatstates is not implemented yet (In Chat Tabs, In Chat Banner, and In Contact List; separate switch for each of these settings?) > separate settings for now
  • Split Chat and Group chat settings to separate pages? > not necessarily needed

Notifications page

  • Values for autopopup and notify_on_new_message are mixed in one combobox (this cannot be realized by the current setting type I think > yes, it can; fixed!)
  • auto_popup_chat_opened is not implemented yet
  • notification_sign_in and notification_sign_out: I would rather have one setting about sign in/out notifications > separate settings for now
  • Sounds configuration missing (needs new setting: switch + button) > added via Callback setting

Status page

  • Automatic status settings after timer; New setting type needed? > made it three list box rows
  • restore_last_status is account-specific and should be moved to account settings (see !683 (merged))

Style page

  • Manage Themes not implemented yet (css_config, New setting type needed: combobox + button) > added via Callback setting
  • Dark theme setting does not get set correctly (always disabled, maybe int/str problem > fixed)
  • Status icon set: custom renderer needed? > no custom renderer for now, just a plain combobox

Audio/video page

  • Comboboxes are code-generated. How should we handle this? > adapt to new settings
  • Live preview (+switch) are missing
  • 'Use stun server' and server entry should be one listbox item > a single entry should be sufficient
  • Re-implement infobar to show dependencies if missing (or windows running)

Advanced page

  • Debug logging switch initial config value is not implemented yet (fixed)
  • Debugging switch should additionally have a button which opens the logs folder (switch + button) > added Callback setting to open directory
  • Use keyring switch is missing
  • Update check switch is missing (enabled on Win/MacOS only)
  • Button for resetting hints is missing > Callback setting
  • ACE is just one button (needs a new setting type though) > Callback setting
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