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Open 1:1 chat instead of private message when doubleclicking a participant in a non-anonymous group chat

Daniel Brötzmann requested to merge wurstsalat/gajim:group-chat-pm into master

Doubleclicking a participant in a non-anonymous group chat should open a 1:1 chat (instead of a private message).

Fixes #9422 (closed) and adds a setting in Preferences > Chat.

To quote

If real JIDs are known to all participants, it is preferable to use that for private communication to avoid confusion. Through-MUC PMs have the following disadvantages:

  • Only work while connected to the group chat
  • Do not interact well with multiple devices (e.g. not all of a recipient's devices may be in a group chat)
  • Can cause confusion if talking to the same person through different views (e.g. if the person is already a contact in your roster, and you already have a chat open with them)

Additionally avoids weird behaviour like:

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