Commit 95819704 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist
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[preview] Convert MAX_FILE_SIZE to int

parent caefa4ff
......@@ -392,14 +392,15 @@ class Base(object):
# URL is already displayed
# Check if file size is acceptable
if file_size > self.plugin.config['MAX_FILE_SIZE'] or file_size == 0:
max_size = int(self.plugin.config['MAX_FILE_SIZE'])
if file_size > max_size or file_size == 0:"File size (%s) too big or unknown (zero) for URL: '%s'"
% (str(file_size), url))
# URL is already displayed
attributes = {'src': url,
'max_size': self.plugin.config['MAX_FILE_SIZE'],
'max_size': max_size,
'filepaths': filepaths,
'key': key,
'iv': iv}
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