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BirthdayReminderPlugin. Initial commit

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from plugin import BirthDayPlugin
name: Birthday reminder
short_name: BDay
version: 0.0.1
description: Birthday reminder plugin
authors: Evgeniy Popov <>
import os
import glob
import datetime
from xml.dom.minidom import *
from plugins import GajimPlugin
from plugins.helpers import log_calls
from notify import popup
from common import configpaths
class BirthDayPlugin(GajimPlugin):
def init(self):
self.config_dialog = None
self.description = ('Birthday reminder plugin')
configpath = configpaths.ConfigPaths()
cache_path = configpath.cache_root
self.vcard_path = os.path.join(cache_path, 'vcards') + os.sep
def activate(self):
vcards = []
date_dict = {}
for jid in glob.glob(self.vcard_path + '*@*'):
if os.path.isfile(jid):
for xmldoc in vcards:
xml = parse(xmldoc)
name = xml.getElementsByTagName('BDAY')
for node in name:
data = node.childNodes[0].nodeValue
date_dict[xmldoc[len(self.vcard_path):]] = data
except: pass
today =
for key, value in date_dict.iteritems():
convert_date = datetime.datetime.strptime(value, "%Y-%m-%d")
user_bday =
today.year, convert_date.month,
if user_bday < today:
user_bday = user_bday.replace(year=today.year+1)
time_to_bday = abs(user_bday - today)
title = "BirthDay Reminder"
text = None
if time_to_bday.days > 5:
if time_to_bday.days == 5:
text = "5 days before BDay %s" % key
elif time_to_bday.days == 3:
text = "3 days before BDay %s" % key
elif time_to_bday.days == 1:
text = "Tommorrow BDay %s" % key
elif time_to_bday.days == 0:
text = "Today BDay %s" % key
if text:
popup('', key, key, title=title, text=text)
def deactivate(self):
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