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Util: Remove obsolete methods

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......@@ -16,7 +16,6 @@
# along with this program; If not, see <>.
import base64
import weakref
import hashlib
import uuid
import binascii
......@@ -26,13 +25,11 @@ import logging
from logging import LoggerAdapter
from collections import defaultdict
from functools import wraps
from functools import lru_cache
from gi.repository import Gio
from nbxmpp.protocol import DiscoInfoMalformed
from nbxmpp.protocol import isErrorNode
from nbxmpp.const import GIO_TLS_ERRORS
from nbxmpp.namespaces import Namespace
from nbxmpp.protocol import StanzaMalformed
......@@ -83,47 +80,6 @@ def get_properties_struct(name):
return Properties()
def call_on_response(cb):
def response_decorator(func):
def func_wrapper(self, *args, **kwargs):
user_data = kwargs.pop('user_data', None)
callback_ = kwargs.pop('callback', None)
stanza = func(self, *args, **kwargs)
if isinstance(stanza, tuple):
stanza, attrs = stanza
attrs = {}
if user_data is not None:
attrs['user_data'] = user_data
if callback_ is not None:
attrs['callback'] = weakref.WeakMethod(callback_)
callback=getattr(self, cb),
return func_wrapper
return response_decorator
def callback(func):
def func_wrapper(self, _con, stanza, **kwargs):
cb = kwargs.pop('callback', None)
user_data = kwargs.pop('user_data', None)
result = func(self, stanza, **kwargs)
if cb is not None and cb() is not None:
if user_data is not None:
cb()(result, user_data)
return func_wrapper
def from_xs_boolean(value):
if value in ('1', 'true', 'True'):
return True
......@@ -161,30 +117,6 @@ def error_factory(stanza, condition=None, text=None):
return error_classes.get(app_namespace, CommonError)(stanza)
def raise_error(log_method, stanza, condition=None, text=None):
if not isErrorNode(stanza) and condition != 'stanza-malformed':
condition = 'stanza-malformed'
if log_method.__name__ not in ('warning', 'error'):
log_method = log_method.__self__.warning
error = error_factory(stanza, condition, text)
except Exception:
log.exception('Malformed error stanza')
error = StanzaMalformedError(stanza, text)
return error
if log_method.__name__ in ('warning', 'error'):
return error
def is_error_result(result):
return isinstance(result, CommonError)
def clip_rgb(red, green, blue):
return (
min(max(red, 0), 1),
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