Commit b299827a authored by Nikolay Yakimov's avatar Nikolay Yakimov

[gotr] handle_incoming_msg: set XHTML correctly

In case we get XHTML in OTR message for some reason (e.g. from gajim
0.16.4), we will see that instead of decrypted content, if we don't
delete existing html first.

This doesn't touch old code in handle_outgoing_msg (which will get exectued
gajim<0.16.4). That should work between versions,
given handle_incoming_msg will overwrite any XHTML in
OTR-encrypted message.
parent a1e8aaef
......@@ -607,6 +607,8 @@ class OtrPlugin(GajimPlugin):
stripper.feed((msgtxt or '').decode('utf8'))
event.msgtxt = stripper.stripped_data
if event.stanza.getXHTML():
event.stanza.setXHTML((msgtxt or '').decode('utf8'))
return PASS
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