Commit b1dfbdfe authored by Timur Demin's avatar Timur Demin

Set Gajim to show offline contacts by default

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......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ class Config:
'autopopupaway': [ opt_bool, False ],
'autopopup_chat_opened': [ opt_bool, False, _('Show desktop notification even when a chat window is opened for this contact and does not have focus') ],
'sounddnd': [ opt_bool, False, _('Play sound when user is busy')],
'showoffline': [ opt_bool, False ],
'showoffline': [ opt_bool, True ],
'show_only_chat_and_online': [ opt_bool, False, _('Show only online and free for chat contacts in roster.')],
'show_transports_group': [ opt_bool, True ],
'autoaway': [ opt_bool, True ],
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