Commit e841e9ed authored by Daniel Brötzmann's avatar Daniel Brötzmann
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Jingle: Fix UnboundLocalError for transports variable

transport=None is handled in JingleTransportSocks5()

Fixes #10545
parent 055308ec
......@@ -226,10 +226,13 @@ def start_file_transfer(self, jid, file_props, request=False):
jingle.session_type_ft = True
self._sessions[jingle.sid] = jingle
file_props.sid = jingle.sid
if contact.supports(Namespace.JINGLE_BYTESTREAM):
transport = JingleTransportSocks5()
elif contact.supports(Namespace.JINGLE_IBB):
transport = JingleTransportIBB()
transport = None
senders = 'initiator'
if request:
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