Commit 493d00bc authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist
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Remove unused method

parent df7fd262
......@@ -568,29 +568,6 @@ class Logger:
return lastrowid
def convert_kind_values_to_db_api_values(self, kind):
Convert from string style to constant ints for db
if kind == 'status':
kind_col = KindConstant.STATUS
elif kind == 'gcstatus':
kind_col = KindConstant.GCSTATUS
elif kind == 'gc_msg':
kind_col = KindConstant.GC_MSG
elif kind == 'single_msg_recv':
kind_col = KindConstant.SINGLE_MSG_RECV
elif kind == 'single_msg_sent':
kind_col = KindConstant.SINGLE_MSG_SENT
elif kind == 'chat_msg_recv':
kind_col = KindConstant.CHAT_MSG_RECV
elif kind == 'chat_msg_sent':
kind_col = KindConstant.CHAT_MSG_SENT
elif kind == 'error':
kind_col = KindConstant.ERROR
return kind_col
def convert_show_values_to_db_api_values(self, show):
Convert from string style to constant ints for db
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