Commit fbc58517 authored by André's avatar André

gtkgui_helpers: remove some unused code

parent 298fa4b9
......@@ -202,99 +202,6 @@ def get_theme_font_for_option(theme, option):
fd.merge(font_desc, True)
return fd.to_string()
def get_default_font():
Get the desktop setting for application font first check for GNOME, then
Xfce and last KDE it returns None on failure or else a string 'Font Size'
gi.require_version('GConf', '2.0')
from gi.repository import GConf
client = GConf.Client.get_default()
value = client.get_string("/desktop/gnome/interface/font_name")
return value.decode("utf8")
except ValueError:
# try to get Xfce default font
# Xfce 4.2 and higher follow's Base Directory Specification
# see
# and
xdg_config_home = os.environ.get('XDG_CONFIG_HOME', '')
if xdg_config_home == '':
xdg_config_home = os.path.expanduser('~/.config') # default
xfce_config_file = os.path.join(xdg_config_home,
kde_config_file = os.path.expanduser('~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals')
if os.path.exists(xfce_config_file):
for line in open(xfce_config_file):
if line.find('name="Gtk/FontName"') != -1:
start = line.find('value="') + 7
return line[start:line.find('"', start)]
except Exception:
#we talk about file
print(_('Error: cannot open %s for reading') % xfce_config_file,
elif os.path.exists(kde_config_file):
for line in open(kde_config_file):
if line.find('font=') == 0: # font=Verdana,9,other_numbers
start = 5 # 5 is len('font=')
line = line[start:]
values = line.split(',')
font_name = values[0]
font_size = values[1]
font_string = '%s %s' % (font_name, font_size) # Verdana 9
return font_string
except Exception:
#we talk about file
print(_('Error: cannot open %s for reading') % kde_config_file,
return None
def get_running_processes():
Return running processes or None (if /proc does not exist)
if os.path.isdir('/proc'):
# under Linux: checking if 'gnome-session' or
# 'startkde' programs were run before gajim, by
# checking /proc (if it exists)
# if something is unclear, read `man proc`;
# if /proc exists, directories that have only numbers
# in their names contain data about processes.
# /proc/[xxx]/exe is a symlink to executable started
# as process number [xxx].
# filter out everything that we are not interested in:
files = os.listdir('/proc')
# files that doesn't have only digits in names...
files = [f for f in files if f.isdigit()]
# files that aren't directories...
files = [f for f in files if os.path.isdir('/proc/' + f)]
# processes owned by somebody not running gajim...
# (we check if we have access to that file)
files = [f for f in files if os.access('/proc/' + f +'/exe', os.F_OK)]
# be sure that /proc/[number]/exe is really a symlink
# to avoid TBs in incorrectly configured systems
files = [f for f in files if os.path.islink('/proc/' + f + '/exe')]
# list of processes
processes = [os.path.basename(os.readlink('/proc/' + f +'/exe')) for f \
in files]
return processes
return []
def move_window(window, x, y):
Move the window, but also check if out of screen
......@@ -358,45 +265,6 @@ def scroll_to_end(widget):
return False
class HashDigest:
def __init__(self, algo, digest):
self.algo = self.cleanID(algo)
self.digest = self.cleanID(digest)
def cleanID(self, id_):
id_ = id_.strip().lower()
for strip in (' :.-_'):
id_ = id_.replace(strip, '')
return id_
def __eq__(self, other):
sa, sd = self.algo, self.digest
if isinstance(other, self.__class__):
oa, od = other.algo, other.digest
elif isinstance(other, str):
sa, oa, od = None, None, self.cleanID(other)
elif isinstance(other, tuple) and len(other) == 2:
oa, od = self.cleanID(other[0]), self.cleanID(other[1])
return False
return sa == oa and sd == od
def __ne__(self, other):
return not self == other
def __hash__(self):
return self.algo ^ self.digest
def __str__(self):
prettydigest = ''
for i in range(0, len(self.digest), 2):
prettydigest += self.digest[i:i + 2] + ':'
return prettydigest[:-1]
def __repr__(self):
return "%s(%s, %s)" % (self.__class__, repr(self.algo), repr(str(self)))
class ServersXMLHandler(xml.sax.ContentHandler):
def __init__(self):
......@@ -433,49 +301,6 @@ def set_unset_urgency_hint(window, unread_messages_no):
window.props.urgency_hint = False
def get_abspath_for_script(scriptname, want_type = False):
Check if we are svn or normal user and return abspath to asked script if
want_type is True we return 'svn' or 'install'
if os.path.isdir('.svn'): # we are svn user
type_ = 'svn'
cwd = os.getcwd() # it's always ending with src
if scriptname == 'gajim-remote':
path_to_script = cwd + '/'
elif scriptname == 'gajim':
script = '#!/bin/sh\n' # the script we may create
script += 'cd %s' % cwd
path_to_script = cwd + '/../scripts/gajim_sm_script'
if os.path.exists(path_to_script):
f = open(path_to_script, 'w')
script += '\nexec python -OOt $0 $@\n'
os.chmod(path_to_script, 0o700)
except OSError: # do not traceback (could be a permission problem)
#we talk about a file here
s = _('Could not write to %s. Session Management support will '
'not work') % path_to_script
print(s, file=sys.stderr)
else: # normal user (not svn user)
type_ = 'install'
# always make it like '/usr/local/bin/gajim'
path_to_script = helpers.is_in_path(scriptname, True)
if want_type:
return path_to_script, type_
return path_to_script
# feeding the image directly into the pixbuf seems possible, but is error prone and causes image distortions and segfaults.
# see
# and
......@@ -734,27 +559,6 @@ def make_pixbuf_grayscale(pixbuf):
pixbuf.saturate_and_pixelate(pixbuf2, 0.0, False)
return pixbuf2
def escape_underscore(s):
Escape underlines to prevent them from being interpreted as keyboard
return s.replace('_', '__')
def get_state_image_from_file_path_show(file_path, show):
state_file = show.replace(' ', '_')
files = []
files.append(os.path.join(file_path, state_file + '.png'))
files.append(os.path.join(file_path, state_file + '.gif'))
image = Gtk.Image()
for file_ in files:
if os.path.exists(file_):
return image
def get_possible_button_event(event):
Mouse or keyboard caused the event?
......@@ -839,9 +643,6 @@ def on_avatar_save_as_menuitem_activate(widget, jid, default_name=''):
dialog.connect('delete-event', lambda widget, event:
def on_bm_header_changed_state(widget, event):
widget.set_state(Gtk.StateType.NORMAL) #do not allow selected_state
def create_combobox(value_list, selected_value = None):
Value_list is [(label1, value1)]
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