Commit f6e75472 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

Differentiate upper/lower case string emojis

parent 1b4e856d
......@@ -918,13 +918,12 @@ class ConversationTextview(GObject.GObject):
if special_text.startswith(scheme):
text_is_valid_uri = True
possible_emot_ascii_caps = special_text.upper() # emoticons keys are CAPS
if iter_:
end_iter = iter_
end_iter = buffer_.get_end_iter()
pixbuf = emoticons.get_pixbuf(possible_emot_ascii_caps)
pixbuf = emoticons.get_pixbuf(special_text)
if app.config.get('emoticons_theme') and pixbuf and graphics:
# it's an emoticon
anchor = buffer_.create_child_anchor(end_iter)
......@@ -87,9 +87,9 @@ def load(path):
def add_emoticon(codepoint_, sub, mod_list=None):
pix = sub.get_pixbuf()
for alternate in codepoint_:
codepoints[alternate.upper()] = pix
codepoints[alternate] = pix
if pix not in pixbufs:
pixbufs[pix] = alternate.upper()
pixbufs[pix] = alternate
if mod_list is not None:
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