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changelog for 0.10.1

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Gajim 0.10 (XX May 2006)
Gajim 0.10.1 (06 June 2006)
* freeze and lost contacts in roster (#1953)
* popup menus are correctly placed
* high CPU usage on FreeBSD (#1963)
* nickname can contain '|' (#1913)
* update pl, cs, fr translations
* don't play sound, when no event is shown (#1970)
* set gajim icon for history manager
* gajim.desktop is generated with translation (#834)
* preventing several TBs and annoyances (r6273, r6275, r6279, r6301,
r6308, r6311, r6323, r6326, r6327, r6335, r6342, r6346, r6348)
Gajim 0.10 (01 May 2006)
* One Messages Window ability (default to it) with tab reordering ability
* Non blocking socket connections. Gajim no longer remains unresponsive.
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