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Gajim (07 October 2018)
* Implement XEP-0398
* MUC: Set Threshold for requesting history
* Show icon for unencrypted messages
* Support more media players for broadcasting the current tune
* Windows: Add a debug logging switch in preferences
* Preferences: enable/disable dark theme
* Preferences: enable/disable the MUC subject beeing shown on join
* Preferences: enable/disable ascii emoji conversion
Bug fixes
* 9198 Creating new MUCs with captial letters is not possible
* 9210 Error when clicking on new message indicator
* 9280 Inviting users to a MUC causes error
* 9301 Error when opening service discovery window
* 9309 Error when clicking on a groupchat invite notification
* 9311 Error when requesting server info
* 9117 Windows UAC changes status not available
* 9324 No menus/dialogs on Win7
* 9326 IPV6 Connection problem on Win10
* 9334 Joining big MUCs takes very long
* 9339 Error caused by remote_control
Gajim 1.0.99 (19 August 2018)
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