Commit b49eb060 authored by Yann Leboulanger's avatar Yann Leboulanger
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differentiate single messages and chat messages when checking notifications. Fixes #2420

parent 70d1977c
......@@ -2558,12 +2558,12 @@ _('If "%s" accepts this request you will know his or her status.') % jid)
# We save it in a queue
type_ = 'chat'
event_type = 'message_received'
if msg_type == 'normal':
type_ = 'normal'
show_in_roster = notify.get_show_in_roster('message_received', account,
show_in_systray = notify.get_show_in_systray('message_received', account,
event_type = 'single_message_received'
show_in_roster = notify.get_show_in_roster(event_type, account, contact)
show_in_systray = notify.get_show_in_systray(event_type, account, contact)
event =, (msg, subject, msg_type, tim,
encrypted, resource, msg_id), show_in_roster = show_in_roster,
show_in_systray = show_in_systray)
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