Commit 7da36ae7 authored by Yann Leboulanger's avatar Yann Leboulanger
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move "last read" line in groupchat correctly. Fixes #1947

parent 3729e890
......@@ -226,9 +226,6 @@ class GroupchatControl(ChatControlBase):
self.gc_popup_menu = xm.get_widget('gc_control_popup_menu')
self.name_label = self.xml.get_widget('banner_name_label')
id = self.parent_win.window.connect('focus-in-event',
self.handlers[id] = self.parent_win.window
# set the position of the current hpaned
self.hpaned_position = gajim.config.get('gc-hpaned-position')
......@@ -320,11 +317,6 @@ class GroupchatControl(ChatControlBase):
return gajim.config.get('notify_on_all_muc_messages') or \
def _on_window_focus_in_event(self, widget, event):
'''When window gets focus'''
if self.parent_win.get_active_jid() == self.room_jid:
self.conv_textview.allow_focus_out_line = True
def on_treeview_size_allocate(self, widget, allocation):
'''The MUC treeview has resized. Move the hpaned in all tabs to match'''
self.hpaned_position = self.hpaned.get_position()
......@@ -1293,6 +1285,7 @@ class GroupchatControl(ChatControlBase):
return retval
def set_control_active(self, state):
self.conv_textview.allow_focus_out_line = True
self.attention_flag = False
ChatControlBase.set_control_active(self, state)
if not state:
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