Commit 7c85a32c authored by jimpp's avatar jimpp
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Include users with no group un "General" group in systray->chat with

parent f2355f9e
......@@ -240,7 +240,6 @@ class Systray:
groups_menu = gtk.Menu()
# FIXME : also print contacts that are not in a group
groups_list = gajim.groups[account].keys()
for group in groups_list:
......@@ -254,7 +253,11 @@ class Systray:
for jid in gajim.contacts.get_jid_list(account):
contact = gajim.contacts.get_contact_with_highest_priority(account,
if group in contact.groups and != 'offline' and \
if contact.groups == []: #user has no group, print him in General
contact_groups = _('General')
contact_groups = contact.groups
if group in contact_groups and != 'offline' and \ != 'error':
at_least_one = True
s = gtkgui_helpers.escape_underscore(contact.get_shown_name())
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