Commit 637e8659 authored by nkour's avatar nkour
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rm leftover fixme

parent db1cffb2
......@@ -1426,8 +1426,6 @@ class RosterWindow:
self.send_status(account, show, message)
def build_account_menu(self, account):
#FIXME: make most menuitems of this menu insensitive if account is offline
# we have to create our own set of icons for the menu
# using self.jabber_status_images is poopoo
iconset = gajim.config.get('iconset')
......@@ -1504,12 +1502,13 @@ class RosterWindow:
self.on_new_message_menuitem_activate, account)
# Unsensitive some item if account is offline
# make some items insensitive if account is offline
if gajim.connections[account].connected < 2:
for widget in [set_motd_menuitem, update_motd_menuitem,
delete_motd_menuitem, service_discovery_menuitem, add_contact_menuitem,
join_group_chat_menuitem, new_message_menuitem]:
return account_context_menu
def make_account_menu(self, event, iter):
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