Commit 30f7f7be authored by Yann Leboulanger's avatar Yann Leboulanger
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don't rescale image when size is < 1

parent c0bcd072
......@@ -401,13 +401,15 @@ def _get_fade_color(treeview, selected, focused):
int(*p +*q))
def get_scaled_pixbuf(pixbuf, kind):
'''returns scaled pixbuf, keeping ratio etc
'''returns scaled pixbuf, keeping ratio etc or None
kind is either "chat" or "roster" or "notification" or "tooltip"'''
# resize to a width / height for the avatar not to have distortion
# (keep aspect ratio)
width = gajim.config.get(kind + '_avatar_width')
height = gajim.config.get(kind + '_avatar_height')
if width < 1 or height < 1:
return None
# Pixbuf size
pix_width = pixbuf.get_width()
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