Commit 1ed3a31f authored by dkirov's avatar dkirov
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[anonymous] fix bug of renaming contact from

parent 1463ca82
......@@ -1343,7 +1343,7 @@ class RosterWindow:
'''Make contact's popup menu'''
model = self.tree.get_model()
jid = model[iter][C_JID].decode('utf-8')
path = model.get_path(iter)
tree_path = model.get_path(iter)
account = model[iter][C_ACCOUNT].decode('utf-8')
our_jid = jid == gajim.get_jid_from_account(account)
contact = gajim.contacts.get_contact_with_highest_priority(account, jid)
......@@ -1422,7 +1422,7 @@ class RosterWindow:
else: # one resource
self.on_roster_treeview_row_activated, path)
self.on_roster_treeview_row_activated, tree_path)
if contact.resource:
......@@ -1463,7 +1463,7 @@ class RosterWindow:
menuitem.connect('activate', self.on_invite_to_room,
[(contact, account)], room_jid, acct)
rename_menuitem.connect('activate', self.on_rename, iter, path)
rename_menuitem.connect('activate', self.on_rename, iter, tree_path)
remove_from_roster_menuitem.connect('activate', self.on_req_usub,
[(contact, account)])
information_menuitem.connect('activate', self.on_info, contact,
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