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changelog for 0.7 release

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Gajim 0.7 (23 May 2005)
* Ability for groupchat reserved rooms with full affiliations and roles support
* Popup notification for incoming events
* Protocol icons for contacts from transports
* Gajim's user interface is now more HIG compliant
* Gajim now detects and can send operating system information
* Gajim now can inform the user about new version availability
* Gajim jabber library migration from jabberpy to xmpppy
* Rewrite the plugin system to remove threads and improve latency
* Gajim now supports Nodes in Service Discovery
* Greek and Polish translations
Gajim 0.6.1 (03 April 2005)
* Rewrite of service discovery. It doesn't freeze Gajim anymore.
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