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Change make_href_markup to not set URL color if gajim-url is not set

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......@@ -776,14 +776,17 @@ def get_thumbnail_size(pixbuf, size):
def make_href_markup(string):
url_color = app.css_config.get_value('.gajim-url', StyleAttr.COLOR)
color = convert_rgb_to_hex(url_color)
def _to_href(match):
url = match.group()
if '://' not in url:
url = 'https://' + url
return '<a href="%s"><span foreground="%s">%s</span></a>' % (
url, color, match.group())
if url_color is not None:
return '<a href="%s"><span foreground="%s">%s</span></a>' % (
url, convert_rgb_to_hex(url_color), match.group())
return '<a href="%s">%s</a>' % (
url, match.group())
return URL_REGEX.sub(_to_href, string)
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