Commit 7992c3f2 authored by Marcin Mielniczuk's avatar Marcin Mielniczuk Committed by Philipp Hörist
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Use the room name as the label in the invite submenu

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......@@ -101,17 +101,18 @@ show_bookmarked=False, force_resource=False):
if acct not in connected_accounts:
room_jid = gc_control.room_jid
room_name = gc_control.room_name
if room_jid in ignore_rooms:
if room_jid in app.gc_connected[acct] and \
app.gc_connected[acct][room_jid] and \
contacts_transport in ['jabber', None]:
rooms.append((room_jid, acct))
rooms.append((room_jid, room_name, acct))
if rooms:
item = # separator
for (room_jid, account) in rooms:
menuitem = Gtk.MenuItem.new_with_label(room_jid.split('@')[0])
for (room_jid, room_name, account) in rooms:
menuitem = Gtk.MenuItem.new_with_label(room_name)
if len(contact_list) > 1: # several resources
contact_list, account, roster.on_invite_to_room, room_jid,
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