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     - In verbose mode, print encodings. (Especially for Windows users who don't have Python) (gajim.py)
     - Attempt at fixing traceback when getting user's home directory in Windows. See #2812. (c/configpaths.py)
     - Show 'error' icon next to account while waiting for reconnect. Fixes #2786. (c/connection_handlers.py, c/gajim.py, c/connection.py)
     - Fix 100% CPU usage and hanging connection when server closes connection on us. (c/x/transports_nb.py)
     - Fix 'hanging' connection when server closes the connection on us before we can open the XML stream. (Disconnect handler didn't get called.) (c/x/client_nb.py)
     - Change prints to logger calls, various enhancements to debug printing, reduce spam (c/x/transports_nb.py)
     - this → self (c/x/transports_nb.py)
     - Call _do_receive() once to collect error message from socket, when error flag is raised in scheduler. (c/x/transports_nb.py)