Commit f1ee561b authored by Markus Böhme's avatar Markus Böhme

Fix broken command system by importing CommandContainer modules

ChatControlBase was split from ChatControl into its own module in commit
80221afc. With this split the import of the CommandContainer modules
was removed as well, likely because their members are not referenced
anywhere. However, importing these modules even when they are not used
directly is crucial because the contained CommandContainers are only
registered with the command system when their definitions are evaluated.

Import the modules with CommandContainers in to fix
the command system. Also add a comment stating more clearly why the
imports need to be kept around.
parent 432ec7ff
......@@ -54,6 +54,13 @@ from common.connection_handlers_events import MessageOutgoingEvent
from command_system.implementation.middleware import ChatCommandProcessor
from command_system.implementation.middleware import CommandTools
# The members of these modules are not referenced directly anywhere in this
# module, but still they need to be kept around. Importing them automatically
# registers the contained CommandContainers with the command system, thereby
# populating the list of available commands.
import command_system.implementation.standard
import command_system.implementation.execute
import gtkspell
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