Commit e735bfe7 authored by Markus Böhme's avatar Markus Böhme

Make conversation loading in the history window use named tuples

The logger method get_conversation_for_date has previously been
converted to return a list of named tuples. Now pass these tuples on to
the method that actually inserts the conversation's messages into the
textbuffer. Also rename two related methods in the history window:
  -  _add_lines_for_date => _load_conversation
  -  _add_new_line => _add_message
parent 65e926c1
......@@ -342,7 +342,7 @@ class HistoryWindow:
year, month, day = self.calendar.get_date() # integers
month = gtkgui_helpers.make_gtk_month_python_month(month)
self._add_lines_for_date(year, month, day)
self._load_conversation(year, month, day)
def on_calendar_month_changed(self, widget):
......@@ -387,9 +387,11 @@ class HistoryWindow:
return show
def _add_lines_for_date(self, year, month, day):
def _load_conversation(self, year, month, day):
Add all the lines for given date in textbuffer
Load the conversation between `self.jid` and `self.account` held on the
given date into the history textbuffer. Values for `month` and `day`
are 1-based.
self.last_time_printout = 0
......@@ -401,19 +403,22 @@ class HistoryWindow:
if not show_status and message.kind in (KindConstant.GCSTATUS,
self._add_new_line(message.contact_name, message.time, message.kind,, message.message, message.subject,
message.additional_data, message.log_line_id)
def _add_new_line(self, contact_name, tim, kind, show, message, subject,
additional_data, log_line_id):
Add a new line in textbuffer
if not message and kind not in (KindConstant.STATUS,
def _add_message(self, msg):
if not msg.message and msg.kind not in (KindConstant.STATUS,
tim = msg.time
kind = msg.kind
show =
message = msg.message
subject = msg.subject
log_line_id = msg.log_line_id
contact_name = msg.contact_name
additional_data = msg.additional_data
buf = self.history_buffer
end_iter = buf.get_end_iter()
......@@ -424,7 +429,7 @@ class HistoryWindow:
timestamp_str = gajim.config.get('time_stamp')
timestamp_str = helpers.from_one_line(timestamp_str)
tim = time.strftime(timestamp_str, time.localtime(float(tim)))
buf.insert(end_iter, tim) # add time
buf.insert(end_iter, tim)
elif gajim.config.get('print_time') == 'sometimes':
every_foo_seconds = 60 * gajim.config.get(
......@@ -442,13 +447,11 @@ class HistoryWindow:
if kind == KindConstant.GC_MSG:
tag_name = 'incoming'
elif kind in (KindConstant.SINGLE_MSG_RECV,
elif kind in (KindConstant.SINGLE_MSG_RECV, KindConstant.CHAT_MSG_RECV):
contact_name = self.completion_dict[self.jid][InfoColumn.NAME]
tag_name = 'incoming'
tag_msg = 'incomingtxt'
elif kind in (KindConstant.SINGLE_MSG_SENT,
elif kind in (KindConstant.SINGLE_MSG_SENT, KindConstant.CHAT_MSG_SENT):
if self.account:
contact_name = gajim.nicks[self.account]
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