Commit 2e026335 authored by Markus Böhme's avatar Markus Böhme

Simplify appending new line in history window

ConversationTextview provides an abstraction for adding text with tags.
Use it instead of directly accessing its backing text buffer.
parent 18df7163
......@@ -512,9 +512,7 @@ class HistoryWindow:
self.history_textview.print_real_text(message, name=contact_name,
xhtml=xhtml, additional_data=additional_data)
buffer_ =
eob = buffer_.get_end_iter()
buffer_.insert_with_tags_by_name(eob, '\n', 'eol')
self.history_textview.print_real_text('\n', text_tags=['eol'])
def on_search_entry_activate(self, widget):
text = self.search_entry.get_text()
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