Commit e93ab408 authored by Daniel Brötzmann's avatar Daniel Brötzmann

Fix History Manager search

parent a86abf2c
......@@ -640,7 +640,7 @@ class HistoryManager:
def on_search_results_listview_row_activated(self, widget, path, column):
# get log_line_id, jid_id from row we double clicked
log_line_id = self.search_results_liststore[path][0]
log_line_id = str(self.search_results_liststore[path][0])
jid = self.search_results_liststore[path][1]
# make it string as in gtk liststores I have them all as strings
# as this is what db returns so I don't have to fight with types
......@@ -661,13 +661,14 @@ class HistoryManager:
iter_ = self.logs_liststore.get_iter_first()
while iter_:
# self.logs_liststore[iter_][0] holds lon_line_ids
# self.logs_liststore[iter_][0] holds log_line_ids
if self.logs_liststore[iter_][0] == log_line_id:
iter_ = self.logs_liststore.iter_next(iter_)
path = self.logs_liststore.get_path(iter_)
def main():
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