Commit b0fce17c authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

HistoryManager: Open window centered

parent 0739eb9d
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- Generated with glade 3.20.2 -->
<!-- Generated with glade 3.21.0 -->
<requires lib="gtk+" version="3.12"/>
<object class="GtkMenu" id="context_menu">
......@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@
<object class="GtkWindow" id="history_manager_window">
<property name="can_focus">False</property>
<property name="border_width">6</property>
<property name="title" translatable="yes">Gajim History Logs Manager</property>
<property name="window_position">center</property>
<property name="default_width">650</property>
<property name="default_height">500</property>
<signal name="delete-event" handler="on_history_manager_window_delete_event" swapped="no"/>
......@@ -306,7 +306,7 @@ If you plan to do massive deletions, please make sure Gajim is not running. Gene
<child type="titlebar">
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