Commit 363fdf7d authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist

Dont use str as a var name

parent cf8f0c2e
......@@ -502,9 +502,9 @@ class ChatControl(ChatControlBase):
if jingle_type not in ('audio', 'video'):
if state in ('connecting', 'connected', 'stop', 'error') and reason:
str = _('%(type)s state : %(state)s, reason: %(reason)s') % {
info = _('%(type)s state : %(state)s, reason: %(reason)s') % {
'type': jingle_type.capitalize(), 'state': state, 'reason': reason}
self.print_conversation(str, 'info')
self.print_conversation(info, 'info')
states = {'connecting': self.JINGLE_STATE_CONNECTING,
'connection_received': self.JINGLE_STATE_CONNECTION_RECEIVED,
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