Commit f2098e28 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist
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[omemo] Refactor get_affiliation_list()

- Dont depend on Gajim method, as it triggers Events that will be
shown in the chat window
parent ac00cf81
......@@ -59,8 +59,6 @@ class OMEMOConnection:
app.ged.register_event_handler('gc-config-changed-received', ged.PRECORE,
app.ged.register_event_handler('muc-admin-received', ged.PRECORE,
def get_con(self):
return app.connections[self.account]
......@@ -273,27 +271,40 @@ class OMEMOConnection:
msg.encrypted = self.plugin.encryption_name
def room_memberlist_received(self, event):
if != self.account:
def room_memberlist_received(self, stanza):
if not nbxmpp.isResultNode(stanza):
log.error('Room %s Memberlist received: %s',
stanza.getFrom(), stanza.getError())
log.debug('Room %s Memberlist received: %s',
event.fjid, event.users_dict)
room = event.fjid
if room not in self.groupchat:
self.groupchat[room] = {}
room_jid = stanza.getFrom().getStripped()'Room %s Memberlist received', room_jid)
if room_jid not in self.groupchat:
self.groupchat[room_jid] = {}
def jid_known(jid):
for nick in self.groupchat[room]:
if self.groupchat[room][nick] == jid:
for nick in self.groupchat[room_jid]:
if self.groupchat[room_jid][nick] == jid:
return True
return False
for jid in event.users_dict:
items = stanza.getTag(
'query', namespace=nbxmpp.NS_MUC_ADMIN).getTags('item')
for item in items:
if not item.has_attr('jid'):
jid = helpers.parse_jid(item.getAttr('jid'))
except helpers.InvalidFormat:
'Invalid JID: %s, ignoring it', item.getAttr('jid'))
if not jid_known(jid):
# Add JID with JID because we have no Nick yet
self.groupchat[room][jid] = jid
log.debug('JID Added: %s', jid)
self.groupchat[room_jid][jid] = jid'JID Added: %s', jid)
def gc_presence_received(self, event):
if != self.account:
......@@ -345,9 +356,16 @@ class OMEMOConnection:'OMEMO capable Room found: %s', room)
self.get_con().get_affiliation_list(room, 'owner')
self.get_con().get_affiliation_list(room, 'admin')
self.get_con().get_affiliation_list(room, 'member')
self.get_affiliation_list(room, 'owner')
self.get_affiliation_list(room, 'admin')
self.get_affiliation_list(room, 'member')
def get_affiliation_list(self, room_jid, affiliation):
iq = nbxmpp.Iq(typ='get', to=room_jid, queryNS=nbxmpp.NS_MUC_ADMIN)
item = iq.setQuery().setTag('item')
item.setAttr('affiliation', affiliation)
iq, self.room_memberlist_received)
def gc_config_changed_received(self, event):
if != self.account:
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