Commit aa931580 authored by Philipp Hörist's avatar Philipp Hörist
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Roster: Show correct status after status change

Fixes #10077
parent 30efb17d
......@@ -2243,13 +2243,22 @@ def on_response(message, pep_dict):
def update_status_combobox(self):
# table to change index in connection.connected to index in combobox
table = {'offline':8, 'connecting':8, 'error': 8, 'online':0, 'chat':1, 'away':2,
'xa':3, 'dnd':4}
table = {
'error': 8,
liststore = self.status_combobox.get_model()
# we check if there are more options in the combobox that it should
# if yes, we remove the first ones
while len(liststore) > len(table)+2:
# Check if a desync'ed status entry and separator is currently
# in the liststore remove it.
while len(liststore) > 9:
titer = liststore.get_iter_first()
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