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Update Changelog for Gajim 1.3.0

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Gajim 1.3.0-beta1 (TBA)
* Completely rewritten settings backend
* Redesigned Preferences user interface
* Setting for automatic history cleanup
* Chat-specific 'Group Chat Settings' page
* Support for Chat Markers (XEP-0333)
* Completely rewritten Profile window
* Support for vCard4 (XEP-0292)
* Redesigned Voice/Video chat interface
* Group chat invitations show Avatars and additional infos
* 'Mark as Read' button for message notifications
* 'Send Message' button in chat windows
* Windows: support for XMPP link handling
* Preview for pasting images from the clipboard
* Sync threshold setting could not be migrated to new settings (please make sure to check if you set a custom value)
* Message styling: `_underline_` style has been removed, and a new `~strikethrough~` style has been added
* Notification for contact sign in/out has been removed
* 'Auto copy' workaround for Ctrl+C usage in the chat window has been removed
* If Gajim fails to join a group chat, it now offers a Retry button (and also 'Forget Group Chat')
* Pressing the Escape key will not close chat windows by default
* Some shortcuts now use Primary (Ctrl/Cmd) instead of Alt (which is often used by Window Management): Change Subject (`<Primary><Shift>S`), Emoji Chooser (`<Primary><Shift>M`)
* Linux: Emoji button now opens GTK’s native Emoji chooser (with categories and recently used emojis)
* A/V codec selection has been improved
Bug fixes
* Some regressions with non-english keyboard layouts have been fixed
* Command for opening the Start Chat window (`gajim --start-chat`) has been fixed
* A/V menu entries are now updated (enabled/disabled) correctly when receiving the contact’s capabilities
* GSSAPI support has been fixed
* A bug where dropping selected text on a chat window would fail has been fixed
* 'Show status changes' setting has been fixed for group chats
* A bug where removing a plugin would fail has been fixed
* List of fixed issues
Gajim 1.2.2 (15 August 2020)
* Status Selector was reworked
* Status Change dialog was reworked
* Preferences: Added Setting to toggle the use of a keyring
* Windows/Mac: Gajim notifies now about new updates
* ServerInfo: Show more details about the current connection
* The status "Free for Chat" was removed
* Default status message was removed, use presets instead
* XHTML: Support for the <img> tag was removed
* DBus: Ability to change settings was removed
* Removed ability to ignore TLS errors
Bug fixes
* #9011 Add support for KDE notification drag and drop
* #10176 Login Dialog throws error
* #10192 MUC: Respect print status setting for own status changes
* #10197 AddContact: Validate JID on input
* #10200 MUC: Gajim fails to connect to after suspend
* #10201 GroupchatRoster: Don’t fix height of rows
* #10208 PluginManager: Show error correctly when plugin removal fails
* Flatpak: Add hole for kwallet password storage
* Fix Jingle session termination
* #10221 ChatControl: Don’t fail when dropping text on chat
* StatusIcon: Fix setting status
Gajim 1.2.1 (08 July 2020)
* ServerInfo: Display status address
* Add block and spam reporting in various places
* Roster: Allow to add contacts from `Not in contact list` group via DND
* Roster: Allow sending message to serveral groups
* Groupchat/Chat: Rework DND
* Groupchat: Display recent history from the database
* Removed Privacy Lists support
* Roster: Remove blocking whole group feature
Bug fixes
* #10067 Error when showing invite menu
* #10144 Windows: Multiple instances of Gajim not possible
* #10152 Error when trying to disactivate or delete account
* #10160 Can't http upload with self signed Certificate
* #10162 Add option to use fixed-width horizontal tabs
* #10164 Timeout error when using music track listener
* #10171 Show error when MUC invite fails
* GroupchatRoster: Sort contacts in correct order
* MamPreferences: Correctly display preference state for JID
* Windows: Auto activate shipped plugins
Gajim 1.2.0 (21 June 2020)
* Add account badges
* Add usage hint for the Start Chat dialog
* Various smaller improvements
Bug fixes
* Various smaller bug fixes reported in beta
Gajim 1.2.0-beta1 / (01 May 2020)
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