Commit ad4c1347 authored by Marcin Mielniczuk's avatar Marcin Mielniczuk

Be more descriptive about the ascii_emoticons configuration option

parent ba08ddfe
......@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ class Config:
'print_time': [ opt_str, 'always', _('\'always\' - print time for every message.\n\'sometimes\' - print time every print_ichat_every_foo_minutes minute.\n\'never\' - never print time.')],
'print_time_fuzzy': [ opt_int, 0, _('Print time in chats using Fuzzy Clock. Value of fuzziness from 1 to 4, or 0 to disable fuzzyclock. 1 is the most precise clock, 4 the least precise one. This is used only if print_time is \'sometimes\'.') ],
'emoticons_theme': [opt_str, 'noto-emoticons', '', True ],
'ascii_emoticons': [opt_bool, True, _('Enable ASCII emoticons'), True],
'ascii_emoticons': [opt_bool, True, _('When enabled, ASCII emoticons will be converted to graphical emojis.'), True],
'ascii_formatting': [ opt_bool, True,
_('Treat * / _ pairs as possible formatting characters.'), True],
'show_ascii_formatting_chars': [ opt_bool, True, _('If true, do not '
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