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title: Development News August 2020
subtitle: Gajim development news
date: 2020-08-30
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tags: ['Development']
**This month was all about configuration. Gajim offers a ton of configuration options, making it customizable to fit almost every users needs. The settings backend received an upgrade and a lot of code has been cleaned up, which should make it easier for you to handle all of Gajim’s configuration possiblities.**
## Changes in Gajim
A huge amount of code has been cleaned up around Gajim’s configuration backend. This was necessary in order to move from a configuration based on text files to a new settings backend powered by SQLite. Everything involving configuration (preferences, account settings, states) is now completely migrated to SQLite. Gajim is now able to store settings efficiently, and some quirks around default values have been solved. When you browse Gajim’s configuration via Advanced Configuration Editor, you’ll now only see settings which are not available in the Preferences or Accounts window. States (e.g. window size) have also been removed from ACE, which results in less clutter.
After all these changes under the hood, it is finally the time to rework the Preferences window. The Accounts window already features 'ListBox' settings, enabling Gajim to display settings in a tidy and clear fashion. We plan to fully migrate the Preferences window as well, which should make it easier for you to handle all of Gajim’s configuration possiblities.
{{< figure src="/img/news/new-preferences-window-preview.png" width="400px" caption="A preview of the new Preferences window">}}
### What else happened
* Linux: Gajim will now use GTK’s native Emoji chooser (with categories and recently used emojis)
* Removed 'Auto copy' workaround for Ctrl+C usage in the chat window
* Fixed a bug where dropping selected text on a chat window would fail
* Fixed 'Show status changes' setting being ignored for group chats
* Fixed a bug where removing a plugin would fail
### Plugin updates
It is now possible to install the 'Ayatana Appindicator integration' plugin via Flatpak.
## Changes in python-nbxmpp
Support for JID Escaping ([XEP-0106]( has been added, enabling users to join group chats containing special characters (e.g. '&' in IRC channels). Furthermore, bookmarks parsing has been improved (nickname validation, password element for [XEP-0402](
As always, feel free to join []( to discuss with us.
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