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......@@ -6,14 +6,20 @@ comments: false
{{< start_block label="Download" >}}
{{< row >}}
{{< feature_item icon="fa-project-diagram" header="Decentralized Messenging" text="Connect to your contacts using a server of your choice. Gajim works well with other [chat clients]( and supports multiple accounts.">}}
{{< feature_item icon="fa-users" header="Stay Connected" text="Share pictures, videos, and files with friends and groups. User profiles, status updates, and chat history management included.">}}
{{< /row >}}
{{< row >}}
{{< feature_item icon="fa-shield-alt" header="End-to-End Encryption" text="Chat securely using [OMEMO](, [PGP](, or [OpenPGP](">}}
{{< feature_item icon="fa-box-open" header="Extensible" text="Wikipedia and Wiktionary integration, automatic spell-checking, and much more via plugins.">}}
{{< /row >}}
{{< row >}}
{{< feature_item icon="fa-code" header="Open Source" text="Gajim is free [open-source software](">}}
{{< feature_item icon="fa-globe-europe" header="International" text="Available in [29 languages](">}}
{{< /row >}}
<div class="row">
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