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title: Development News May 2021
subtitle: Gajim development news
date: 2021-05-28
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tags: ['Development']
**This month brings improved Ad-Hoc commands, fixes for Gajim Portable, and new image preview capabilities. Meanwhile, work on Gajim’s next version made some progress: better code block styling, chat filters, note to myself, and much more.**
## Changes in Gajim
Through Gajim’s Ad-Hoc commands window, you are able to configure service settings, gather infos, or trigger various other actions offered by your provider. The Ad-Hoc commands window has now been ported to the new Assistant, which you already know from Gajim’s Account Creation for example. This lowers maintenance effort and allows all tasks with a 'wizard' workflow to have consistent design and behaviour.
On Windows, you can choose whether you want to install Gajim on your system or if you want to have a portable version of Gajim inside a single folder. For distribution of Gajim Portable, we use an installer which extracts all relevant files into a directory of your choice. However, this process sometimes fails if you upgrade an existing Gajim Portable folder. This issue has now been fixed by applying a cleaning mechanism before extracting the new version. Your user data won’t be touched, of course.
Meanwhile, work on the next Gajim version made some progress:
* 'Note to myself' feature: write messages to your own contact (e.g. to another device), now improved
* Code block styling is now aligned to your theme (light/dark)
* Chats can be filtered by 'chats' and 'group chats' in the Start Chat window and in the Chat List
* Status message styling has been improved
* File transfers (uploading) are now displayed inline
* Gajim update notifications will now be displayed in a separate App Page, so there won’t be disrupting update notifications anymore
* Status Icon has been fixed, and the App Indicator plugin has been integrated
* Status message window has been removed: it’s now a simple input field
If you haven’t seen it yet: lovetox (Philipp Hörist), current maintainer of Gajim, gave a first introduction to what’s coming with the next version:
{{< youtube SwZaZY2hYzA >}}
This is only part of what we’re planning to do for the next release of Gajim. Stay tuned!
### What else happened
* Profile window: Fixed initial state of privacy switches
* Profile window: Added Note element
* [#10559]( Fixed issue with Server Info window when using PLAIN connection
### Plugin updates
Gajim’s URL Image Preview plugin is now able to generate previews for WEBP and JXL files. MIME type guessing has been improved as well.
## Changes in python-nbxmpp
This month, Ad-Hoc Commands ([XEP-0050]( compliance has been improved.
As always, feel free to join []( to discuss with us.
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