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title: Development News July 2021
subtitle: Gajim development news
date: 2021-07-28
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tags: ['Development']
**Development on the new Gajim version continued in July, bringing many fixes and improvements. Also this month: WebSocket improvements and a new python-nbxmpp release.**
## Changes in Gajim
Since version 1.2, Gajim offers WebSocket support via [XEP-0156]( A recent fix enables you to directly connect via WebSocket while creating an account.
Meanwhile, work on the next Gajim version made some progress:
* Workspaces now support custom avatars
* Improved usability of Gajim’s new Search View
* Group chat creation is working again
* Improvements for message scrolling and jump to bottom button
* Fixes for Gajim’s new Notification Manager, which handles contact requests and group chat invitation
* Fixes for direct messages (private messages/direct messages in group chats)
* Fixes for initial migration from Gajim 1.3
### What else happened
* [#10478]( Fixed issue with Tests
* [#10598]( Fixed issue when adding Note property to vCard
* Updated API JID for group chat search
* Fixed History Manager’s stand alone mode
### Plugin updates
Gajim’s URL Image Preview plugin received a fix to prevent issues while trying to generate previews for zero-byte files or corrupted files.
## Changes in python-nbxmpp
A bug has been fixed with RSM count requests ([#120](, which affected Gajim’s history synchronization.
This fix, and also many improvements concerning Ad-Hoc commands, are included in the new `python-nbxmpp 2.0.3`.
As always, feel free to join []( to discuss with us.
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