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title: Development News June 2021
subtitle: Gajim development news
date: 2021-06-27
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tags: ['Development']
**This month brought some fixes for themes and spell checking. Development on the new Gajim version made a big step forward: file previews are working again, and they look even better now.**
## Changes in Gajim
Gajim offers theming support for many parts of the GUI (Graphical User Interface). It also offers to switch between light and dark themes. While switching, some custom styles didn’t get applied instantly, leading to poor contrast and wrong colors in general. This issue has finally been fixed ([#10441]( While fixing this issue, Gajim’s Themes window also received some improvements, making it easier for you to customize Gajim to your needs.
Meanwhile, work on the next Gajim version made some progress:
* URL Image Preview plugin has been integrated into Gajim’s core
* Previews will *not* load automatically in anonymous group chats
* The layout of file previews has been reworked, making it more compact
* The chat list will now indicate if the last message contains a file
* Workspace editing and removing have been simplified
* User highlighting in group chats has been implemented
### What else happened
* [#10558]( Spell checking has been fixed
* [#10551]( Gajim’s GStreamer dependency check now includes more packages
* The provider has been removed from the server list due to the service being shut down
### Plugin updates
Gajim’s URL Image Preview plugin received a fix for timestamps not being displayed correctly for voice messages.
## Changes in python-nbxmpp
No changes in python-nbxmpp this month.
As always, feel free to join []( to discuss with us.
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