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......@@ -18,6 +18,8 @@ Gajim’s Notification settings for event handling have been split up. You can n
{{< figure src="/img/news/new-preferences-window.png" width="400px" caption="Gajim’s new Preferences window">}}
Gajim uses a 'Sync Threshold' setting to decide how many messages should be synchronized when joining a chat. If you set a custom Sync Threshold, please make sure to check the setting after upgrading Gajim, since it could *not* be migrated.
Receiving a group chat invitation can sometimes be ambiguous. '*Do I really want to join this chat, or should I decline the invitation?*' In order for you to make an informed decision, Gajim now shows some information about the chat (group chat’s picture, name, and description) before joining. Furthermore, many people want to join public group chats using a different nickname from the one they use for private group chats. Gajim now offers to choose a nickname directly before joining.
{{< figure src="/img/news/group-chat-intivation-received.png" width="400px" caption="The new Group Chat Invitation window">}}
......@@ -35,7 +37,7 @@ Gajim’s features (protocol extensions, called XEPs) are now listed on [gajim.o
* When pasting images from the clipboard, a preview is shown before sending
* A 'Send message' button is now available for chat windows
* Notification for contact sign in/out has been removed
* VCard and Avatar publishing code has been reworked, Gajim will now exclusively use PEP storage for avatar publishing
* VCard and Avatar publishing code has been reworked
* A bug has been fixed where the notification icon would stay after blocking/reporting someone who sent you a subscription request *and* a message ([#10264](
* There have been speed improvements for SQLite operations concerning chat message processing ([#10027](
* Escape key will not close chat windows by default in the future
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