Commit c228396b by Yann Leboulanger

add missing function (removed in cbc2bae8). Fixes #47

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......@@ -1400,6 +1400,10 @@ class Hashes(Node):
hash_ = hl.hexdigest()
return hash_
def addHash(self, hash_, algo):
self.setAttr('algo', algo)
class Hashes2(Node):
Hash elements for various XEPs as defined in XEP-300
  • Friend, thank you for responding. Could you tell me where I change this file? I'm starting to mess with xmpp now and still feel little of the difficulty in some things.

    If you can tell me the step by step would be of great help.

    I downloaded the file and installed with: python install I restarted the service but still with the same error as before. Is the procedure right? Can you help me one more time? Thank you.

  • You're under windows, so you should use daily build, it's easier. Wait tomorow for the build this night, and you'll be able to find it there:

    Use Gajim-0.16.9-2018-01-14.exe

  • I uninstalled the previous version and installed it: Use Gajim-0.16.9-2018-01-14.exe as requested, however the error sending files smaller than 10MB continues. I rebooted the gajim machine and the server and the error persists.

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