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CI: Add test coverage

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......@@ -8,14 +8,23 @@ stages:
stage: test
- python3 -m unittest discover -v
- rm -rf civenv-nbxmpp
- virtualenv -p python3 --system-site-packages civenv-nbxmpp
- . ./civenv-nbxmpp/bin/activate
- pip3 install -I pylint==2.4.4
- pip3 install -I coverage
- pip3 install -I idna
- pip3 install -I precis-i18n
- python3 -m pylint nbxmpp --disable=C0103,C0201,C0301,C0326,C0330,W0201,W0212,W0221,W0231,W0233,W0621,W0622,R0201,E1101,E1135
- coverage run --source=nbxmpp -m unittest discover -v
- coverage report -mi
- coverage xml -i
- deactivate
- rm -rf civenv-nbxmpp
coverage: "/TOTAL.+ ([0-9]{1,3}%)/"
cobertura: coverage.xml
# C0103 invalid-name
# C0201 consider-iterating-dictionary
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